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True Art

When art is commonly thought of as superficial aesthetics, its disregard is understandable. For most, the concept of art is vague, ethereal, and reserved for people with French accents. In my view, some of the best art is not vague and wishy-washy; the best art strongly articulates what our own beings long to express, yet have not, or cannot, express with colloquial means of communication—it is both produced and apprehended on a deeply intuitive, qualitative level. It is the process and result of mining deeper meaning and richer quality from a superficial world. It exists beyond paintings and poems, and extends even to gizmos and gadgets.

Over the past eight years, I’ve harbored a passion to combine the technical with the artistic, and it’s saddening that, though art can exist in any industry, true artists are rare, particularly in the technical fields, where bulimic left brains bumble around and anorexic right brains languish. I aim to change this, and along the way, maybe, just maybe, in some small sense, create oases for others to also experience and create true art in an industry where many seem to have disregarded it altogether.

In a very real sense, however, I’ve been afraid to open myself up to experience the depths of true art. I’m afraid because once I experience those depths, I might find it very difficult to be satisfied with anything else; I feel that some aspects of this life would seem profoundly deeper and richer, and a profound crust of monotony would sweep over almost everything else I’ve known. All that said, the great irony is that it’s like being afraid of losing dirt in exchange for gold. No one in their right mind would think like that! So I intend to press forward. With some work, I will exchange surface level dirt for gold hidden underneath. I’m done playing in the sand, and I don’t intend to go back.

Left and Right Brain Personalities

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